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1 Mar

SEO Predictions for 2021

| David | Content Marketing, SEO

2020 is finally behind us, and the best and the brightest in the SEO and content marketing space are weighing in on what just happened. They’re also dusting off their crystal balls and making a few predictions about what we should be on the lookout for in 2021. While the early focus for 2020 was […]

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26 Feb

Tech-Savvy Firms Were Better Prepared for Pandemic

| David | Legal Tech

The pandemic hit all businesses hard, and law firms are no exception. A recent Clio study, however, finds that solo firms faced the most significant financial downturns. Transitioning to working remotely is tough, and solos were more likely to face declines in both incoming cases and lost revenue. Those solo practices with a firmer grasp on […]

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It turns out that 129 Million Calls Can Tell Us a Whole Lot about Inbound Marketing

| David | Uncategorized

In 2005, HubSpot’s founder coined the term “inbound marketing,” and we have never looked back. Just like that, we said goodbye to exhausting cold calls and costly commercials and welcomed the modern approach of obtaining new customers from the online content arena, including blogs, videos, social media, and all that stuff. Inbound marketing speaks to […]

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26 Jun

Facial Recognition Technology Leads to Wrongful Arrest of Black Man

| David | News

According to Reuters, in the first known case of its kind, a Detroit man was wrongfully arrested after facial recognition technology provided a positive match. Robert Williams spent more than a full day in jail after the photo on his driver’s license was erroneously matched – via facial recognition software – to someone who’d been […]

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19 Jun

Supreme Court Extends Title VII Protections to LGBTQ Community

| wpengine | LGBTQ Rights, SCOTUS Decisions

In the shadows of all that is going on in America today, a landmark decision was made by the country’s highest Court in Bostock v. Clayton County. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 makes employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, and national origin illegal. Earlier this week, the Supreme Court of the United […]

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22 Apr

How Important Are My Competitors’ Keywords?

| David | Content Marketing, SEO

When you’re strategizing for SEO, it’s only natural to consider your competitors and their keywords, but knowing where to begin can be a problem. There are some keyword zingers out there that seem to be surefire bets, but you’re looking for a good fit and a good value. Fortunately, there are some basic guidelines that […]

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9 Mar

What is the Legal Authority for Public Health Orders?

| David | Blogging, Law Firm Content Writing

Typically, the government cannot restrict a person’s liberty without due process of law – which usually means a criminal proceeding ending in a finding of guilt. But in recent days, we’ve heard about cruise ships being kept from coming into port and people placed in quarantine. So what is the legal authority for the federal […]

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17 Feb

Search Local in 2020

| David | Content Marketing

Now that we’ve rocketed into the new decade, it’s clear that local results are becoming more and more important to Google, which is, of course, good for businesses like small to mid-size law firms. As with all things Google, it’s important to learn the ropes and to anticipate how best to participate. Looking into our […]

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10 Jan

How an E-Book Can Showcase Your Expertise AND Grow Your Law Firm

| David | Uncategorized

A law firm is, first and foremost, a business, and growing your business is the name of the game. While you’ve naturally put time and effort into marketing, you may not have thought about writing an e-book on the topic of your legal expertise. When a potential client is looking for legal representation, your book […]

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5 Nov

Guest Post: What are Some Common Defenses to DUI Charges in Minnesota?

| David | Uncategorized

Driving while under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs is an extremely dangerous activity in Minneapolis and elsewhere. DUIs put everyone on the road at risk, and a motor vehicle collision that is caused by a drunk driver can lead to serious personal injuries (and sometimes death) for the individuals who are involved in […]

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