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Filing for bankruptcy is a big decision, and many consumers have a misunderstanding that doing so will result in financial ruin, the loss of all of their assets, and that bankruptcy represents personal failure. Of course, as a bankruptcy attorney, you know that none of these concerns are warranted and that filing for bankruptcy can actually help consumers get a fresh start, eliminate debts, and is the path to a brighter financial future.

The content on your website and blog is a great opportunity to educate your potential clients about how the bankruptcy process works, how it can eliminate debt, and how post-bankruptcy life can be significantly easier. Some of the specific issues you can highlight in your content include:

  • The automatic stay
  • The debts your can discharge in bankruptcy
  • The debts you can’t eliminate in bankruptcy
  • How Chapter 13 can help you keep your home
  • The bankruptcy process
  • How to rebuild credit after bankruptcy

Of course, creating legally accurate content takes time, and you’re probably busy enough serving your existing clients. Fortunately, the attorney-led team of professional content writers at Lexicon Legal Content is here to help. We can create bankruptcy-related content that connects with consumers, answers their questions, and calms their fears about filing.

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At Lexicon Legal Content, our team is qualified to produce compelling, keyword-rich, and Rules of Professional Conduct-compliant bankruptcy content that your readers and Google will love. Whether you’re dealing with consumers filing for Chapter 7 or 13 or helping businesses restructure through Chapter 11, we’ve got you covered.

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