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26 Sep

Google Update Impacts Legal Content Marketing

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Google recently updated its Search Quality Rater Guidelines, and the direction it’s taken will almost certainly affect your legal content marketing strategies for your law firm. These guidelines are what Google’s search quality raters use to evaluate the quality of a page. The biggest reveals are the new spin Google put on the YMYL category […]

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16 Sep

Google Wants You to Know that It Pays to Be Helpful

| David B. Arato | Blog Content Ideas, Blogging, Content Marketing, Legal Blog Writing

The world of SEO is abuzz about the helpful content update recently published by Google. While this latest offering doesn’t seem to be earth-shattering, it is important to familiarize yourself with it – and to generally keep up. As such, there are five basic tips that can help anyone out there who needs to pay […]

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20 Jun

Is There a Magic Number When It Comes to Law Firm Blog Posts?

| David B. Arato | Blog Content Ideas, Blogging, Law Firm Content Writing, Legal Blog Writing, Uncategorized

If you’re regularly updating your law firm’s blog, you already know that blog posts help you connect with current and potential clients alike. You may wonder, however, if there’s a magic number, schedule, or time frame regarding how often and when you should be posting. Should you be slapping content up every day – even […]

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1 Jun

Lexicon Legal Content to Be Featured in Upcoming Design Rush Press Release

| David B. Arato | Uncategorized

Lexicon Legal Content is pleased to announce that it will be featured in DesignRush’s upcoming press release titled “Experts Share Affordable Content Marketing Strategies for Businesses on a Tight Budget.” Stay tuned for more!

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18 May

Expand Your Site’s Reach by Exploring Your Content Options

| David B. Arato | Blog Content Ideas, Content Marketing, Marketing, SEO, Uncategorized

Your law firm’s website plays an important role in terms of marketing and reaching your target audience – and your content matters. Generating relevant and compelling content is the name of the game, but if you find yourself at a loss when it comes to choosing inspiring topics that resonate with your widest potential audience, […]

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28 Feb

Get More from Your Current Content with Historical Optimization

| David B. Arato | Blog Content Ideas, Branding, Content Marketing, Keywords, Law Firm Content Writing, Legal Blog Writing, SEO, Uncategorized

You recognize that content is king, but you may not be making the most of the content that you already have. And this is where historical optimization shines. Historical optimization sounds more technical than it needs to be – the bottom line is that it involves breathing new life into the content you’ve already published, […]

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8 Feb

10 Legal Content Marketing Terms You Should Get to Know

| David B. Arato | Blogging, Content Marketing, Law Firm Content Writing, Legal Blog Writing, Legal writing

Marketing your legal content seems easy enough – write stellar copy and get it out there where it needs to be. There are, of course, challenges along the way. One of the primary building blocks of solid legal marketing is understanding the terminology that populates its principles and methodologies. Because even major players use terms […]

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7 Jan

Four Easy Ways to Find Fresh Ideas for Your Law Firm Blog

| David B. Arato | Blog Content Ideas, Blogging, Content Marketing, Law Firm Content Writing, Legal Blog Writing

Whether you are a solo practitioner or part of a large law firm, improving your Google search rankings and online authority should be one of your top marketing priorities. When your audience likes and can relate to what you are publishing online, Google rewards you, as do your prospects when they turn into clients. The […]

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5 Jan

California Judge Says “Nevermind” to Nevermind Child Exploitation and Pornography Lawsuit

| wpengine | Blogging, Legal News

The controversial cover of Nirvana’s 1991 Nevermind was thought by many to be symbolic of the grunge rock band’s attempt at reaching for the almighty dollar. However, according to the album’s art director, it arose from lead singer Kurt Cobain’s captivation with a water birth documentary. Either way, the late Cobain likely never imagined that the album […]

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7 Dec

What Is Content Readability and Who Defines It?

| David B. Arato | Blog Content Ideas, Blogging, Content Marketing

Most of us think something is readable if we enjoy it. We want a piece to have a beginning, middle, and end, preferably in that order. If it’s fictional, we want it to be about people we care about or like. Sometimes, it’s a book you just happen to come across or a title or […]

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