Legal Content For Criminal Defense Law Firms

Content Writing for Criminal Defense Law Firms

Content Writing for Criminal Defense Law Firms

After an arrest or criminal charge, it typically is only a matter of time until the accused opens the browser on their phone or laptop and Googles “criminal defense lawyer” along with their city or area. In addition, they may ask search engines things like “penalties for a first-time DUI” or “do I need an attorney?” These searches happen thousands of times every day – and law firms that appear in the first few results are the ones representing these clients.

Well-written, SEO-optimized, and compelling practice area pages and a regularly updated legal blog with specific keywords in mind can have a significant impact on where you rank in search results.. Unfortunately, the demands of practicing law makes it hard for lawyers to create content on a regular basis, and you certainly do not want to hire just anyone to handle your content marketing for you.

The legal content writers at Lexicon Legal Content are available to ensure that you have an effective and professional website content and blog so that you can focus on providing high-quality representation and counsel to your clients.

We Know How to Connect with People Facing a Criminal Charge

Content Writing for Criminal Defense

It is highly important to consider the tone of all law firm website content writing. Most criminal defendants do not understand complex legal terms, so a website with a significant amount of legalese can be confusing and even off-putting. Our legal content writers understand how to explain complex legal concepts in everyday language that non-lawyers can easily comprehend.

We get that the people reading your website are often facing criminal charges or have family members who have recently been arrested.It is important to recognize the various emotions that they may be feeling in this situation and provide reassurance that they can rely on your law firm for help. Reassurance is not enough, however, as you want your website content to lead potential clients to actually pick up the phone. Therefore,we emphasize the seriousness of any type of criminal charge and providing insight into how a qualified attorney can help in their defense.

Finding the right tone while keeping website content and blogs fresh, relevant, and interesting is no small feat. Our law firm content writers thoroughly understand this balance and have extensive experience providing well-balanced and thoughtful content in order to attract potential clients.

We Create Targeted Criminal Defense Content

Criminal defense attorneys generally handle cases involving many different types of offenses, and you want to make sure your website and blog represents your full capability as an attorney. Blogs on a variety of charges and laws not only demonstrate to potential clients that you have specific knowledge of those offenses but also help you to fit in keywords to rank higher for different search terms. Our legal blog writers regularly create informative and relevant blogs on the following topics and more:

  • Traffic violations
  • DUI/DWI and all related subtopics
  • Marijuana offenses and legality
  • Drug offenses
  • Weapons offenses
  • Theft offenses
  • Trespass and burglary
  • White collar crimes
  • Hate crimes
  • Computer crimes
  • Sexual offenses including sex offender registration
  • Violent crimes
  • Criminal penalties
  • Collateral consequences of conviction
  • Defenses to criminal charges
  • Police brutality and §1983 rights
  • 4th Amendment rights
  • The criminal process
  • Warrants
  • Bail
  • Criminal appeals
  • Expungement and record sealing
  • Military criminal defense

Our legal writers carefully ensure that all blogs are specifically tailored to your particular jurisdiction and that all charges, penalties, and procedures mentioned in blog posts are accurate and in line with your state and local law.

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Because criminal clients often tend to stick with the same attorney for future troubles, as well as refer your services to family and friends, even one client resulting from a Google search can often well offset the cost of hiring a legal content writing service. At Lexicon Legal Content, our legal writers provide affordable, high-quality, and accurate content for law firm websites and blogs across the United States for law firms in a wide variety of practice areas. Contact us online or call 877-486-8123.