FAQ Pages for Law Firms

FAQ pages are a great way to connect with potential clients and get your site to to the top of the search results for relevant queries. Elevate your online presence, streamline client communication, and establish your expertise by harnessing the power of comprehensive and expertly crafted Frequently Asked Questions.

Law Firm FAQ Pages: The Basics

People seeking legal help often have many questions. Whether they’re facing the aftermath of an accidental injury, a DUI arrest, or are considering bankruptcy, legal consumers often start seeking information about their issue before contacting an attorney.

As a result, creating content that answers people’s legal questions is a great way to connect with potential new clients – and a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page is an excellent way to do it. In addition, an FAQ page is a great way to demonstrate experience, expertise, authority, and trust (E-E-A-T), to Google, increasing the chances that your site will do well in the search engine results pages (SERPs). In fact, a well-crafted and comprehensive FAQ page could land you a coveted featured snippet, above all of the paid and organic results.

For example, here’s one of ours:

At Lexicon Legal Content, we create comprehensive Law Firm FAQ pages that answer the questions that legal consumers have and rank at the top of the search results. 

The Elements of a Good FAQ Page

A good FAQ page for a law firm answers the questions that people seeking legal help have. For example, if you were doing a Car Accident FAQ Page, you may answer questions like:

  • Do I need a lawyer after a car accident?
  • How much is my car crash case worth?
  • Can I settle my case alone?
  • Is my car accident case going to court?

Similarly, if you were to post a Family Law FAQ page, you could answer question such as:

  • How are assets divided in divorce?
  • What factors does the court consider in child custody cases?
  • Should I adopt my stepchildren?
  • What is an uncontested divorce?

In addition, it’s a good idea to format each question as an H2 header tag, as it makes it more likely that Google will pick your answer up as a featured snippet.

FAQ Pages Provide an Opportunity to Add More Content to Your Site

While Google explicitly says that there is no “right” amount of content, the fact is that sites with more content tend to rank higher than sites with less – especially for “your money or your life” (YMYL) sites like law firm websites which should demonstrate a high level of experience, expertise, authority, and trust.

Adding new content provides an opportunity to demonstrate E-E-A-T, and FAQ pages are a great way to add new content. In addition, answering commonly asked questions naturally lends itself to establishing your law firm’s website  as the go-to source of information in your practice areas.

How to Organize and Format Your Law Firm FAQ Pages

Simply creating great FAQ content isn’t enough to get these pages to rank well – you also need to organize and format them in a way that makes them easy for visitors to find and use. In addition, there are certain steps you can take to make them likely to be ranked well by Google.

Research shows that people read websites differently online than they do when reading print. According to the Nielsen Norman Group, nearly 80 percent of readers scan web pages instead of reading every word. As a result, you should make sure that your FAQ pages are easily scannable, making it easy for readers to find the information they are looking for. Some of the ways you can make your FAQ pages easily scannable include:

  • Using multiple headers
  • Including a clickable table of contents
  • Highlighting keywords
  • Only addressing one topic per section
  • Using bulleted lists

You should avoid including long blocks of text and adding a call to action in each section. Make sure your answers are comprehensive and easy to read. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to have a clickable table of contents (like the one at the top of this page) so that’s it’s easy for visitors to find the information they are looking for.

While your homepage and practice area pages should provide a broad, general overview of your services and how you can help people solve their legal problems, FAQ pages provide an opportunity to explore legal topics in greater detail. For example, while you may just touch on the fact that most car accident cases settle out of court on your car accident page, you could really get into how a lawyer can maximize a car accident settlement on your FAQ page.

Law Firm FAQ Pages are Great for SEO

Frequently asked questions are often phrased in the same way that users search for information. Having an FAQ page can improve a website’s search engine optimization (SEO) by matching user queries with relevant content, increasing the chances that your site will appear when a potential client looks for legal information online. 

If you are looking to add law firm FAQ pages or any other type of content to your site, the expert team at Lexicon Legal Content is standing by to help. We’ve created thousands of pages of content for law firms throughout North America. To learn more, call us today or contact us online. You can also request a free sample created specifically for your law firm on a topic of your choice.