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The content on your law firm’s website is often the first opportunity you have to make an impression on potential clients. Our legal content writers create unique, compelling, and actionable legal content for law firms and law firm marketers throughout North America.

Professional Legal Content Writers

As an attorney, the general public looks to you and your firm as an authority on the law and legal system. Your law firm’s website is its public face to the world on the Internet and the quality of its content should reflect your professionalism and legal acumen. Writing compelling content that is legally accurate, compelling, and gets potential clients to pick up the phone is a challenging task.  Additionally, as an attorney advertisement, it is of the utmost  importance that the content on your website complies with all relevant ethical rules in your jurisdiction.

The legal copywriters at Lexicon Legal Content all have legal training and understand how to write website copy with search engine optimization (SEO) goals in mind. We will thoroughly research the law in your jurisdiction and provide quality content that is written in a way that makes clear to potential clients the importance of retaining an attorney.  Whether you are building a website from scratch or would like to add to or rework the existing content on your site, we can meet your needs quickly and in a cost-effective manner.

First, we will consult with you on the phone or through email to determine your practice areas, your geographic market, and develop a content strategy designed to maximize your online visibility to both search engines and potential clients. Next, we will research the keywords that are most searched for your practice areas, as well as the relevant law in your jurisdiction. Once that information is gathered, our legal content writers will generate content with optimized keyword density and outbound links to relevant statutes or other legal resources published by authoritative sources. Finally, we will provide the content to you in any format that you would like and are also capable of posting onto your website on your behalf.

Whether you are looking to add one page to an existing site or are building a new law firm website from scratch, we can meet your needs.  Call or email us today to discuss your content development project.