Providing Legal Content to Digital Marketing Agencies


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In addition to our work with lawyers and law firms, we regaulrly partner with  SEO professionals and law firm digital marketing experts who have clients in the legal industry. We understand the importance of legal content creation and online marketing for lawyers, which is why we offer services that help law firms connect with their audience through higher rankings in the search engine results pages. Our content marketing efforts have a proven track record of success for law firm SEO, and we’ve worked with some of the most recognizable names in the industry who offer the best internet marketing for lawyers.

We Help Digital Marketing Agencies Serve their Law Firm Clients

As a digital marketing professional, you understand the need for legal content marketing and legal content promotion. Link building campaigns can only get you so far and must be anchored with well-crafted, authoritative, and linkable content. We’re in the businesss of creating content for digital marketing agencies ls who have lawyer or law firm clients, and our writers can adapt our style to meet the needs of any lawyer content marketing, site SEO, or other campaign.

When your marketing agency works with Lexicon Legal Content, you are working with other marketing professionals who understand internet marketing, web marketing for lawyers, and speak your language. In addition, you are working with an attorney-led team that understandsthe legal requirements inherent to content marketing for law firms.. We are ready to jump into your existing law firm marekting strategy and start providing content immediately. In some cases, we may even be able to deliver content to your agency within 24 hours of our first call.

Leverage Our Legal Expertise

For digital marketing agencies working with lawyers and law firms, being able to assure your clients that their content will be drafted by writers with legal training is invaluable. Content for attorneys is difficult to write, and it is no secret that lawyers are often wary of nprofessional services that are not attorney-managed. For this reason, the vast majority of  our writers have completed law school and all of our content is reviewed by a licensed attorney. In addition, we are well-aware of the ethical issues that can arise in marketing a law firm and make sure that all of the content we create is compliant with the advertising rules of the client’s jurisdiction and search engine optimization best practices.

Adaptable legal content writers and bloggers

While our writers all have SEO training, we can adapt our style and techniques to ensure that the content you receive matches the tone and style your client is looking for. In addition, we can seamless integrate into your existing digital marketing strategy. Working collaboratively with SEO professionals is one of our strengths, and a multidisciplinary approach often yields the best results. As stated by Chris Dreyer, President and Founder of

“The quality of the writing is above and beyond what I would normally call “good.”  The writers at Lexicon are extremely talented and are all masters of legal writing. Their team communicates very well on all projects, are great to work with and I highly recommend Lexicon to anyone seeking quality legal content.


Contact Lexicon Legal Content Today for All of Your Legal Content Needs

At Lexicon Legal Content, we value forming lasting partnerships with digital marketing agencies that work with lawyers and law firms, and we provide invaluable content support to your digital marketing efforts. Together, we can help you become the best attorney digital marketing company.  Our legal content writers are ready to get started creating content for your project today. Contact us today by calling 1-877-486-8123 or send us an email through our online contact form.