teamwork, competence, creativity, knowldge, ability, service, performance, reliability, flexibilityWe provide a broad range of legal content development services, ranging from the development of jurisdiction-specific legal static content to regularly updated blogs based on current events or recent developments in your area of law. All of the content we write is developed with SEO goals in mind, and we perform a thorough analysis of the keywords that are most often searched when a prospective client is looking for an attorney in your area. In addition, we will also audit the content on your existing site, checking for errors and optimization issues that may be holding your online marketing efforts back from achieving your goals.

Legal Writers Generating Quality Content

Quality content is essential to any communication that you or your firm has with potential clients. Additionally, search engine algorithms are becoming increasingly sophisticated, rewarding only the highest quality and most relevant content with high organic rankings. Gone are the days where one could stuff “Chicago personal injury attorney” everywhere on a website and rank well for that term. In fact, these practices are not only no longer effective, they actually may result in a significant ranking penalty for offending websites.

Consequently, it is more important than ever to have quality content on your website, blog, or any other online material you may post on the internet.  The team at Lexicon Legal Content exists to help busy lawyers meet this need in a professional manner, all while ensuring that the content posted on your website is legally accurate and complies with the ethical rules in your jurisdiction. We offer a wide range of service, including the following:

  • Legal Blogging Blogging is one of the most effective ways to add fresh relevant content to your website, increasing its visibility to search engines and in turn, potential clients. Our legal blog writers will generate original content relevant to your practice as informational pieces, news-based stories, or blog entries based on recent developments at your firm.
  • Legal Content Writing Your law firm’s website is the first impression that both potential clients and other attorneys will have of your firm. Consequently, it is of the utmost importance that the content on your website is accurate, well-written, and easily understandable by nonlawyers. Additionally, quality content is one of the most important factors in the way that search engines rank websites, making it an integral part of any online marketing strategy.
  • Website Audits If you have an existing website that has low quality content, it may be affecting your professional reputation and your ranking within search results. Our team will thoroughly review your content for any grammatical or technical errors and provide a detailed analysis as to how it could be improved.
  • Press Releases Press releases are an excellent tool to generate awareness of your law firm and any of your recent successes or other developments. Online press releases are required to comply with certain journalistic standards, all of which our writers are aware and fully understand. A quality press release can put news regarding your practice in front of millions of potential viewers if drafted and distributed properly.

In addition to the above, we are always happy to discuss content development projects that do not easily fit any of the above categories. We are extremely flexible in terms of our rates and will work with clients based on their unique needs.

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Regardless of the size of your practice, internet marketing is a reality in the legal services landscape. We work with firms both large and small, and deliver quality services at industry competitive prices. Call or email us today to discuss your legal content needs.

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