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Get More from Your Current Content with Historical Optimization

You recognize that content is king, but you may not be making the most of the content that you already have. And this is where historical optimization shines. Historical optimization sounds more technical than it needs to be – the bottom line is that it involves breathing new life into the content you’ve already published, which can do you a world of good in terms of giving your return on investment a bump.

Your Existing Content

You worked hard for the content you have, and it’s worked hard for you. The thing to remember, however, is that there is no sell-by date on your docs. By updating any outdated information, freshening up your prose, and tightening up the technical end of things through improved search visibility and heightened organic traffic, you can take your existing content to the next level – without the expense of purchasing new content or the time investment required to put pen to paper.

Optimize that Content

Let’s say that you have a well-written blog dedicated to prenuptial agreements from 2014 on your firm’s website that saw a lot of traffic back in the day, but that isn’t generating much of anything now. The fact is that the information in your blog is likely just as relevant today as the day you posted it. As it slipped in rankings, however –which could simply be a function of the date it was posted – the piece quit engaging potential clients, and the calls to action therein quit calling anyone to act. With a few tweaks, however, you can revolutionize pieces that have gone flat without reinventing the wheel. Consider the following:

  • If you have more than one article out there about the same range of information, you’re better off consolidating your efforts into a more in-depth piece (instead of diluting your message across several online offerings).
  • Lace your content with hyperlinks that guide potential clients to other relevant areas of your site.
  • Update your keywords and skillfully weave them into your existing content.
  • Optimize your calls to action to better reflect who you and your potential clients are today.

Update your information as needed, and voilà, you’ve got dynamite content that might as well be brand spanking new on your hands.

Getting the Job Done

There are three basic steps to historical optimization (that work across all genres).

One: Content Audit

You won’t be able to measure your content’s meteoric rise in rank if you don’t know where it’s at, to begin with. It’s a good idea to always have a good idea about how your content is performing, and if you don’t, now’s a good time to get on it. In order to scope out your winningest work, you’ve got to get down to the business of a content audit. Make a master list of your existing content, and from here, note all the following for each:

  • Their search rankings
  • Their CTA click-through rates
  • Their overall bounce rates
  • The organic traffic they generate

Once you have this master list established, you’ll have a better feel for what kind of content is performing well for you, where you have topical gaps, and where there are prime opportunities for growth. Don’t be afraid to dig around online to mine for those top-ranking pages that are receiving the keyword action you are going for.

Two: Start Small

During the course of your audit, you may have found a whole bunch of content that you’d like to reinvigorate, but choosing one or two to focus on is the way to go. Taking an all-or-nothing approach is generally a recipe for disaster. By starting small, you’ll have more control over the process and will have a better feel for where your baby steps are most likely to pay off big. If you’re attempting to garner interest, you may want to jazz up your current content’s wording, and if action is what you’re looking for, try being a bit more direct with your CTA – and see where things go.

Three: Check Your Balance

You performed an audit, to begin with, and now it’s time to consider the return on your efforts. Because you are working with a manageable amount of content, it’s far easier to ascertain what’s working and what isn’t and to make the necessary edits where they’re needed – as you hone your historical optimization chops.

Polished to Perfection

Not for nothing did you put all that effort and expense into your existing content, and with some strategic historical optimization, it can prove invaluable moving forward. Good content is good content, and scrapping what you’ve got for something new is not necessarily going to move the needle in the direction you’re going for. Taking a closer look at what you’ve already got on tap may uncover diamonds in the rough that are just waiting to shine bright.

Lexicon Legal Content Named one of the Top 45 Legal Marketing Blogs and Websites

Lexicon Legal Content is honored to be included in the Top 45 Legal Marketing Blogs and Websites, which lists the best of the best from thousands of online offerings – ranked according to consistent traffic, social media fans, domain authority, and informativeness.

When it comes to legal content, we recognize that there are a lot of options out there, and we’re pleased to have earned our position among the most respected and trusted sources. Our team of skilled legal writers focuses on providing compelling, professional copy, and it shows.   

As search engine algorithms evolve into ever-more sophisticated and nuanced tools, having high quality, meaningful content has become that much more important, and this fact guides everything we do. Publishing material that generates decent rankings without offering relevant, reliable, and highly readable content that fills a need no longer moves the rankings needle, and it’s not a great strategy for fostering long-term business relationships. We’re here to help you change all that. 

Having a bright and shiny website that attracts visitors is great, but if you don’t have the content to back it up, you’re not hitting the mark. We’re in the business of helping clients like you improve their online presence with all the following:

  • Fresh legal blogs that generate interest in your firm 
  • Legal content that is accurate, informative, and written in an approachable voice (no legal mumbo jumbo here) 
  • Press releases that showcase your unique legal operation
  • Website audits that help maximize your legal cachet

Lexicon Legal Content is proud of the solid reputation we’ve built for ourselves, and we take great pride in consistently exceeding the expectations of clients like you.

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It turns out that 129 Million Calls Can Tell Us a Whole Lot about Inbound Marketing

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In 2005, HubSpot’s founder coined the term “inbound marketing,” and we have never looked back. Just like that, we said goodbye to exhausting cold calls and costly commercials and welcomed the modern approach of obtaining new customers from the online content arena, including blogs, videos, social media, and all that stuff. Inbound marketing speaks to millennials and is a bargain to boot – which means there is little not to embrace.

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How an E-Book Can Showcase Your Expertise AND Grow Your Law Firm

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A law firm is, first and foremost, a business, and growing your business is the name of the game. While you’ve naturally put time and effort into marketing, you may not have thought about writing an e-book on the topic of your legal expertise. When a potential client is looking for legal representation, your book could be the deciding factor in securing his or her business. After all, you wrote the book on the subject. If you’re interested in highlighting your legal prowess while growing your firm, the legal content marketing experts at Lexicon Legal Content are here to help you imagine, flesh out, and author a book that wows.

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Guest Post: What are Some Common Defenses to DUI Charges in Minnesota?

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Driving while under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs is an extremely dangerous activity in Minneapolis and elsewhere. DUIs put everyone on the road at risk, and a motor vehicle collision that is caused by a drunk driver can lead to serious personal injuries (and sometimes death) for the individuals who are involved in the collision. 

Because of the serious risks associated with driving under the influence, the law imposes harsh penalties against individuals who are ultimately convicted of this offense. In some instances, the potential penalties can include prison time – especially in DUI cases that involve repeat offenders.

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40 Law Firm Blog Ideas

Sometimes, Figuring Out What to Write about is the Hardest Part of Blogging

40 Law Firm Blog Ideas

The benefits of blogging for law firms and lawyers are indisputable. So, now that you’ve set up your site and are ready to go, what are you actually supposed to be writing about? As a practicing attorney, most of your written communication is likely directed at other attorneys and judges, and this is exactly the style of writing that you should avoid when blogging. Remember, you are blogging in an effort to connect with your potential clients, and (perhaps just as importantly) so that your site is noticed by Google and other search engines. For this reason, content that looks like a legal brief or law review article is NOT what you should be posting.

For many people, finding blog topics is harder than putting pen to paper. Here are 40 ideas to get you started generating content for your law firm’s blog

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Legal Content Marketing: The Highly Competitive World of Personal Injury

PERSONAL INJURYWhen it comes to legal marketing, personal injury is likely the most competitive practice area there is. Personal injury law firms are in fierce competition for the high-value cases that occur on a daily basis in every jurisdiction in the United States.

Many people who are injured in accidents caused by negligence have never worked with an attorney before or have lawyers in their personal network. Because of this, after an accident, many accident victims look to the internet – specifically Google – to find an attorney to represent them, The firms appearing in the first few positions in the search engine results pages (SERPs) generally get a significant amount of business online, making these spots highly coveted.

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Content Ideas for Law Firms – Motorcycle Safety Awareness

With the weather warming up, more and more motorcyclists are getting their bikes out of storage and hitting the open road. Unfortunately, this exposes them to a significant risk of injury in a motorcycle accident. Law firms can create content to keep motorcyclists safer, raise awareness, and connect with victims who are in need of legal representation.

Top 10 Motorcycle Safety Tips

From Visually.

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