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18 May

Blogging for Lawyers: Driving Traffic and Boosting Your Reputation

| David | Uncategorized

In today’s digital age, establishing a strong online presence is crucial for lawyers. This is particularly true for attorneys and firms in highly competitive areas like personal injury and criminal defense. Blogging offers an invaluable opportunity to showcase your expertise, engage with potential clients, and elevate your professional reputation. By consistently publishing high-quality content, you […]

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15 May

What Lawyers and Marketing Teams Should Know about Google’s Upcoming Helpful Content Update

| David | Uncategorized

Google is updating its search algorithm – again. While the company isn’t overtly saying that the change is in response to a potential flood of mediocre content created by generative AI, it isn’t hard to read between the lines. In its announcement, Google shared that it will be rolling the update out in the coming […]

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11 May

Can You Use ChatGPT to Write Legal Blogs?

| David | Advertising Ethics, AI Content, ChatGPT, Copyright, Legal Blog Writing, Legal Tech

The short answer: yes, but significant human oversight is necessary. ChatGPT – the conversational AI model released by OpenAI in November 2022 – has captured the attention of people in every industry throughout the world. According to some, ChatGPT and other generative AIs are about to fundamentally change the world, take our jobs, and usher […]

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4 May

Generative AI for Law Firm Content? A Quick and Dirty Guide

| David | AI Content, Blog Content Ideas, Blogging, ChatGPT, Content Marketing, Copyright, Legal Blog Writing

It’s May of 2023, which means that professionals across all industries are working on determining how they can incorporate AI into their workflows to improve efficiency. Everyone knows the legal field moves more slowly with technology than others, but that doesn’t mean that lawyers and law firms are not trying to figure out how they […]

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18 Apr

Why Lawyers Need a Strong Content Marketing Strategy

| David | Content Marketing, Law Firm Content Writing, Legal Blog Writing

As an attorney, you have a lot of useful legal knowledge in your head. While you use this knowledge to help your clients daily, you could also leverage it to produce useful content that would bring more prospects to your door. For example, if you don’t already have a law blog, you’re missing out on […]

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7 Apr

The Importance of Good Law Firm Website Design

| David | Content Marketing, Legal Blog Writing, Uncategorized

Today’s legal marketplace demands that attorneys and law firms stand out from the crowd, especially when it comes to online marketing. You need prospective clients to notice you. One way to differentiate your services is with a professional, valuable, user-friendly, and visually-appealing law firm website. No matter what people are searching for these days—be it […]

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5 Apr

Florida’s New Tort Reform

| David | Uncategorized

The Florida Legislature has changed the tort law in an effort to reduce frivolous lawsuits by limiting personal injury cases, insurance litigation, and attorney fees. These sweeping changes are uprooting the landscape of Florida’s civil litigation and, among other things, will make it more difficult and expensive to sue insurance companies. In short, the tort […]

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27 Mar

Lessons from DoNotPay: The Ethical Implications of AI in the Legal Industry

| David | AI Content, Blog Content Ideas, ChatGPT, Content Marketing, Marketing

Some shortcuts and hacks are worth it in life and business, and some simply aren’t. Some are harmless, appealing, less expensive, and time-saving in the beginning. Yet, they turn out to cause more problems and hassle than the situation presented initially without the shortcut. But, as one previously-aspiring attorney is coming to find out, AI […]

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16 Mar

U.S. Copyright Office Issues Guidance on AI-Generated Works

| David | AI Content, ChatGPT, Copyright

Generative AI is happening, and it’s creating images, text, music, and other forms of content right now, as you read this. Some see this technology as a way to maximize human efficiency and productivity, while others view it as an existential threat to humanity. Regardless of where you come down on the issue, the reality […]

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9 Mar

FAQs: Can Lawyers Use AI-Generated Content for Marketing?

| David | AI Content, ChatGPT, Content Marketing, Uncategorized

Right now, it’s nearly impossible to have a discussion about digital marketing without mentioning ChatGPT or AI generally. The technology is undoubtedly amazing; it’s capable of answering questions, creating a business plan, and even writing essays. One of the most obvious potential use cases for the newest generation of AI tools is content creation – […]

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