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Three Reasons to Use Professional Legal Content Writers for Your Law Firm Website


PROFESSIONAL LEGAL CONTENT WRITERSMany lawyers who engage in online marketing try and save money by writing their own content or hiring a law student to do it for them. In our experience, hiring a professional legal content writer is highly preferable for a number of reasons, three of which are detailed below.

Generating quality legal content requires a  … significant investment of time

While you may know your area of practice like the back of your hand, writing content that resonates with your potential clients and gets them to pick up the phone and call requires more time than you may think. Writing a good piece of content that will generate traffic involves:

  • Picking an engaging topic on which to write
  • Choosing a content format
  • Conducting keyword research
  • Finding authoritative sources to cite
  • Writing the content
  • Editing the content
  • Posting it to your website

For this reason, even a short blog post or new website page can easily take upwards of an hour to complete. By outsourcing your legal content needs to professionals, you can benefit from our professional experience and extensive resources that we have amassed that allow us to generate high-quality legal content quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money letting you focus on your practice.

Professional content writers understand how to write legal content that is readable by the general public

Lawyers use highly specialized language in their work, and despite efforts to use “plain language” instead of “legalese,” attorneys regularly have difficulty communicating legal concepts to their clients in a way that they can easily understand. Our legal writers are professionals who specialize in explaining complicated legal issues to nonlawyers in a way that they will understand while using keyword phrases designed to generate traffic to your site.

There are issues that arise in marketing a law practice that do not affect other industries

State attorney licensing authorities impose significant rules on attorney advertisements, including requiring certain disclosures and disclaimers notifying readers that they are looking at advertising and restrictions on language that may indicate that a lawyer specializes or focuses on a particular area of law. In addition, there is a fine line between providing legal advice and legal information, and providing the former could result in the inadvertent formation of an attorney-client relationship or even legal liability for malpractice. By using professional legal content writers who are aware of the specialized issues that arise in attorney content marketing, you can rest assured that the content on your law firm website will be accurate, compelling, and in compliance with the rules of your state bar.

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