Finding Topics for your Law Firms Blog

Finding Topics for your Law Firms Blog

A screenshot of the autofill suggestions for the Google search "do I need an attorney for"

Any cursory search regarding effective online law firm marketing will reveal that maintaining a consistently updated blog that engages readers and adds content to your site on a regular basis is essential. While writing blog entries is itself time-consuming, finding topics to blog about can be surprisingly difficult as well. Below are some tips regarding … how to find topics for your legal blog – for more information, do not hesitate to call our office today to discuss our services.

Write with your audience in mind

This may come as a surprise to some attorneys, but a legal blog should not read like a law review article. Legal writing is dense and often unintelligible to people without legal training. In addition, your clients are likely searching for terms such as “Chicago car accident lawyer” or “Pittsburgh divorce attorney,” not “Chicago tort lawyer” or “Dissolution of marriage representation in Pittsburgh.” A good place to start is to brainstorm questions that you think a potential client may ask. Using Google’s autofill suggestions can be helpful in coming up with ideas:


By answering questions your potential clients may ask, you will end up writing content that is compelling to people who are seeking legal services, is keyword rich, and will generate traffic to your website.

Use Google’s News Search Function

One of the most effective ways to find timely and relevant material for your law firm’s blog is to use Google’s news search. In order to do so, click the “news” tab at the top of the page and enter search terms regarding your practice area and geographic location. In order to make sure you’re finding the most recent stories, click “search tools” and options will come up allowing you to limit your results to news stories or blogs, limit the range of your search by time, and sort the results by relevance or date. By finding recent news stories that are relevant to your city and practice, you can add content to your website that is of interest to your potential clients, allow you to relate the story back to your law firm and naturally use important keywords.

Hire a Professional Legal Content Writer

Of course, a viable option for busy attorneys who would like to improve their online visibility with a carefully written blog is to hire a professional legal content writer to write blog entries on your behalf. Our writers will take the time to fully understand your practice and the kinds of cases you would like to get, allowing us to write blog entries that directly target your potential clients. Through our experience, we have amassed a large library of blog topics and are ready to get started on your blog as soon as possible.

Researching and writing high-quality and engaging blogs for your law firm’s website can be a time-consuming process. Fortunately for busy attorneys, our law blog writers are here to help. To discuss our services, call Lexicon Legal Content today at 314.691.8602 or send us an email through our online contact form.