Three Legal Content Marketing Trends to Watch in 2018

Three Legal Content Marketing Trends to Watch in 2018

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In 2017, we made several predictions regarding the direction legal content marketing would follow. While we are still waiting for some of these trends to catch on, one benchmark stands tall. Unique legal content continues to become an ever-increasingly important marketing tool for law firms around the country. Here are the top three marketing trends we are forecasting for 2018.

Long-form Content Finds a New Place in the Plan

One of the aims of a comprehensive content marketing strategy is creating content that allows clients to find you in the organic search results. While many assume that shorter content is more attractive than longer content, towards the end of 2017 it became clear that long-form content (typically, articles that are more than 2,000 words) were outranking shorter pieces. In fact, a study produced in 2016 found that the average first-pages results on Google have 1,890 words. According to a report that Medium published, the most effective content takes about seven minutes to read and is approximately 2,100 words. Although short, concise content has its place in a marketing plan, we are seeing a significant rise in the importance of long-form content.

Focus on User Experience to Connect to Your Market

This could be classified as more of a strategy than a content marketting trend since the concept of connecting with clients through meaningful content is a fundamental part of any content marketing efforts. Remember that your content serves as a vehicle to connect to your current and potential clients in a meaningful way. The purpose of content marketing is to establish your firm as a reliable source of education and support. This is not a place to sell a product or services, moreover, it is a space where you are establishing your credentials in your field. Creating a positive user experience means that visitors who read your content walk away with a better understanding of their options, and potential solutions to their issues. If your content can accomplish this, visitors are more likely to walk back to you and ask for more information and eventually chose to work with your firm.

Frame Your Firm – Be Approachable

Given that content marketing has been the go-to approach to connect with clients, there is a lot of content to sort through, and consumers are quick to discard something that doesn’t resonate with them directly. In 2018, legal consumers are looking for content that resonates with them directly. One of the ways that attorneys can create content that speaks directly to their potential clients is by addressing issues that are relevant to their community. For example, a personal injury lawyer could create a blog series detailing the most dangerous intersections in his or her area. Likewise, a criminal defense attorney who practices in DUI defense could provide regular updates regarding any changes to the law or notable cases in the area.

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