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Lexicon Legal Content – $1,000 College Scholarship

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At Lexicon Legal Content, we understand how expensive higher education can be. For this reason, we’re proud to announce the first annual $1,000 college scholarship essay contest to help an aspiring lawyer to meet their educational needs.  The scholarship is open to high school seniors and college students who plan to pursue a career in law.

In order to participate, applicants should complete a 1000-word essay on the following topic:

How do you believe that lawyers can make positive change in their communities outside of the practice of law?

In answering this question, applicants should consider the role of attorneys in modern society and how a legal education can be used to affect societal change in non-traditional ways. A good jumping-off point for this discussion is the fact that many lawmakers, business leaders, and other high performers have legal training but have chosen to pursue alternative career paths. People you may look to for inspiration include Barack Obama, Savannah Guthrie, Tony LaRussa, Cheih Huang, and John Grisham.


  • Essays must be received by August 1, 2021
  • Submit essays to scholarship@lexiconlegalcontent.com in Microsoft Word or Google Docs format
  • Applicants should include a copy of their high school student ID or proof of college enrollment
  • Essays will be judged on responsiveness to the question, the quality of the writing, creativity, and the applicant’s demonstrated potential for success in the study of law

Scholarships will be paid directly to the winner’s college or university.

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