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Don’t be Late to The Legal Content Marketing Party

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While the legal profession is known for adopting new technologies at a glacial pace, lawyers and law firms seems to be adopting content marketing surprisingly quickly. According to Contently, law firms are flocking to content marketing as a cost-effective way to reach potential clients who are searching for information on Google. In addition, content marketing is not going away – content is the lifeblood of the Internet and a significant percentage of users have learned to filter out obvious advertising, either through the use of ad-blocking software or simply by tuning it out.

How can Content Marketing Help Law Firms Reach Clients?

To understand how content marketing could help an attorney or firm reach new clients, consider the following scenario.

Johnny Goodtimes, who lives in your city, goes out for a few drinks with friends after work, gets pulled over and consents to a breathalyzer test and is arrested for DUI when he blows a .12. He is released from jail the next morning and, being uncertain as to how serious a 1st time DUI offense is in his state, turns to Google for information. Sitting down with his laptop, he types “Do I Need a Lawyer for my First DWI?” and presses enter.

Fortunately for both of you, you recently posted a blog entitled “Do I Need a Lawyer for my First DWI?” detailing the serious potential consequences of DUI conviction and the need to retain an attorney. As Google takes into account a user’s location, your blog pops up on the first page of Mr. Goodtimes’ search results. Seeing an entry that directly answers the question that he has, he clicks on the link, learns about how serious his situation is, and calls your office to schedule a consultation.

This is just one example of how law firms can adopt content marketing and use it to connect with people seeking legal services. Producing high-quality content that is relevant to your clients allows you to share your content on social media and other channels and can have a positive impact on your site’s organic search ranking as well.

Early Adopters Will Benefit

As more and more law firms jump into content marketing with both feet, the landscape is bound to get more crowded. By developing and implementing a content strategy right away, you can get ahead of the curve and generate new business while increasing brand recognition.




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