Content Marketing Considerations for Law Firms

Content Marketing Considerations for Law Firms

ipad-605440_1920Content marketing is the pr of creating custom content and sharing it with your potential clients in order to drive favorable consumer action. For a basic example, consider a blog post informing people of the serious consequences associated with a DUI arrest – by creating and distributing this custom content throughout the internet, you hopefully will reach people in this situation who are seeking legal representation.

There are certain content marketing concerns for lawyers and law firms that do not exist in other industries. If you are passing the content creation off to an associate (or a company like us), you need to make sure that person writing your content is aware of these concerns. Two things that make content marketing different in the legal industry are discussed below.

Make Sure Your Content Team is Aware of the Advertising Rules in Your Jurisdiction

As you are well-aware, your state bar imposes rules on the way that you can advertise your firm. You should make sure that whomever is writing your content is aware of the following issues:

  • Whether your jurisdiction limits on the use of terms like “expert” or “specialist”
  • Whether your jurisdiction has rules regarding advertising previous case results
  • Whether your jurisdiction requires an advertising disclosure on each page

Remember Your Clients Do Not Want to Read a Law Review Articles

As an attorney, you have been trained to write is specific way that makes sense to other lawyers. It is important to keep in mind for whom you are writing. Your potential clients do not want to read a legal brief or a law review article – they want easy to read information that answers the questions that they have about their situation. Of course, there are very rarely easy answers to legal questions, which what your content should convey. If all goes according to plan, your content will make your potential client realize the he or she needs an attorney – which will likely be you.

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