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Lexicon Legal Content + AI Can Create Compelling and Bar-Compliant Content at Scale

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At Lexicon Legal Content, we’re always looking for ways to improve our processes and efficiency. With the recent developments in AI-generated content, we’ve developed ways to implement AI into our content creation processes while maintaining the necessary integrity and accuracy of law firm content. 

We are offering a hybrid solution that lets AI do the heavy lifting of topic ideation and outlining while our professional writers ensure that the content is helpful, accurate, compelling, and in compliance with the advertising rules and laws of your state.

AI is a Great Assistant – That Needs Expert Oversight

AI is an amazing assistant for content creators – but you have to know how to use it. AI content has been known to include factually incorrect information and provide biased or even offensive content. As a lawyer or digital marketing agency that works with lawyers, you can’t afford to let these mistakes slip through. Additionally, AI-generated content often lacks character, emotional depth, and brand identity, which are all things our human-powered team can handle. 

Simply using AI tools is not enough. Adjusting AI content to benefit law firms requires time and effort from real human writers – time and effort you can’t afford to spend. Let our team harness the power of AI tools and create publish-ready AI legal content for your firm. 

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Before you put the future of your law firm’s reputation and SEO into the hands of a robot, contact Lexicon Legal Content to discuss our human/AI hybrid content solutions. We are at the forefront of AI legal content generation and can make sure that you leverage this technology in a way that protects your firm’s interests.

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