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Not Enough time to blog? Let our professional legal blog writers do it for you!

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Blogging is an effective way to establish your firm as a industry leader and connect  with your potential clients. In addition, regular blogging can attract backlinks and improve your site’s overall rankings in the SERPs. Our professional legal blog writers specialize in writing practice area-specific legal  blogs that are relevant and answer the questions that legal consumers are asking.

We Write Blogs that Legal Consumers Want to Read

As you are probably well-aware, practicing law is an extraordinarily time-consuming task. Between meeting with clients, appearing in court, drafting legal documents, and running your firm, updating and marketing your law firm’s website often takes a back seat. A consistently updated and targeted legal blog allows you to continually add new content to your site (something Google likes) and to answer the specific questions that your potential clients are asking. Search engines are consistently crawling the internet and updating their search results, and websites with fresh, unique, and relevant content consistently rank better than those that remain static. In addition, keyword rich blogs that are targeted towards your practice areas and geographic market will help your clients find you when they search the internet looking for an attorney.

So, Why Hire Our Legal Blog Writers?

Effective and high-quality blogging takes a significant investment of time. To write a quality legal blog entry, you need to:

  • Choose a topic or news story relevant to your practice area
  • Research the relevant law
  • Decide which keywords to include
  • Write the content
  • Add links
  • Add HTML tags
  • Categorize the entry
  • Post the blog entry to your website

Additionally, as state bars consider law firm websites advertisements, it is imperative that any material that is posted website is legally accurate and complies with all relevant ethical rules. For this reason it is extremely important that anyone you hire to write marketing content understands that advertising rules in your jurisdiction.

This is where the writers at Lexicon Legal Content come in. The overwhelming majority of our writers are law school graduates and all the content we create is reviewed by a licensed attorney prior to delivery. Because of this, you can rest assured that the content our bloggers create will t in compliance with the ethical rules in your jurisdiction. We will consult with you prior to the start of any project in detail to understand your goals and any topics that you want to highlight or avoid.

Importantly, our legal bloggers all thoroughly understand the difference between providing legal information and legal advice. All content is written as general legal information intended to prompt the reader to contact an attorney licensed in their jurisdiction for advice on their specific matter.

The Process

If you come on as a client, the first thing we will do is collect information regarding your practice, including the practice areas you are trying to grow and the geographic areas you would like to target. Once we feel that we have thorough understanding of your goals, one of our legal bloggers generates content for your blog, complete with HTML tags, links to authoritative sources, and formatting appropriate to your website. From there, we can either post the material directly to your website as a draft or send it to you for review prior to posting. Most of the blog content we create falls into one of three broad categories:

  • Informational blogs – This type of entry provides general legal information relevant to your practice area. Often, they can take the form of an FAQ article or an answer to a question that a client may ask.
  • News-based blogs – To generate this type of entry, our legal bloggers will search local and national news organizations for stories relevant to your practice area and target geographic market. In the content, we will provide a synopsis of the story, seguing into a discussion about the relevant law in your jurisdiction.
  • Firm News – Whenever possible and ethically permissible, you should highlight your successes and recent case results. In addition, blogging about the addition of a new associate or partner can help clients feel more connected with your firm.

Our Legal Blog Writers are Ready to Start on Your Project Today

A well-written, optimized, and consistently updated blog can provide small and large law firms a tremendous return of investment. Email or call us today a 877-486-8123 to discuss your content needs.