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In addition to our work with lawyers and law firms, we also assist SEO professionals and digital marketers who have clients in the legal industry. We have worked with several nationally recognized marketing firms, and understand how to develop highly-optimized content.

Working closely with SEO Professionals with Lawyer and Law Firm Clients

As an SEO professional, you understand the need for quality, keyword rich content. Link building campaigns can only get you so far and must be anchored with well-crafted, authoritative, and linkable content. Lexicon Legal Content routinely works with SEO professionals who have lawyer or law firm clients, and our writers can adapt our style to meet any SEO campaign.

Qualifications that strengthen your selling proposition

As a SEO firm that works with lawyers, being able to assure your client that their content will be drafted by writers with legal training is invaluable. It is no secret that lawyers are of non-attorney professional services, and each writer we use has at least two years of law school behind them. If your client is extremely particular, we can ensure that the writer assigned to their project has already earned their Juris Doctorate and can put them in direct contact, with your approval. The legal marketing space is fraught with ethical issues, and we understand the rules sufficiently to ensure that both you and your clients are in full compliance with the law.

Adaptable content writing techniques

While our writers all have SEO training, we can adapt our techniques to ensure that your campaign remains consistent. Working collaboratively with SEO professionals is one of our strengths, and a multidisciplinary approach often yields the best results. Our business model finds significant synergy with SEO firms, as we are able to provide higher quality legal content than most firms would be able to secure in-house. As stated by Chris Dreyer, President and Founder of Attorneyrankings.org:

“The quality of the writing is above and beyond what I would normally call “good.”  The writers at Lexicon are extremely talented and are all masters of legal writing. Their team communicates very well on all projects, are great to work with and I highly recommend Lexicon to anyone seeking quality legal content.”

If you have content needs as an SEO firm related to a legal client, we are here to help. To have add a group credentialed legal writers on your team, call Lexicon Legal Content today.

Contact Lexicon Legal Content Today for All of Your Legal Content Needs

As a legal marketing agency with content needs, a relationship with Lexicon Legal Content may be in your best interest. Call the owner and co-founder directly today at 314.691.8602 or email here.

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